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The Corporate Advisory Council's (CAC) goal is to unite mitochondrial disease stakeholders across different organizations with a common goal to accelerate the development and delivery of treatments, and ultimately a cure, for Leigh syndrome and mitochondrial disease.

"We feel very lucky to have the chance to serve as a corporate member of the Cure Mito advisory council in 2023. Developing STE-2502076, an AI-discovered repurposed drug for mitochondrial disease, we have admired the dedication of Cure Mito to building a patient-centered research network,” said Jinhan Kim, co-founder, and CEO of Standigm. “We believe we can meet more mito people such as patients, caretakers, researchers and other industry experts, and this network of Cure Mito leads us to successful IND (Investigational new drug) application as well."  

Kasey Woleben, Cure Mito co-founder and a mom to Will, who has Leigh syndrome, said: “As a foundation led by affected families, we understand the true impact of the disease and the urgency that is required in driving research and treatments forward. By forming this Corporate Advisory Council, we will be able to discuss and address challenges facing the mitochondrial disease community together, align different stakeholders, and collaboratively be able to help our patient community faster and more efficiently. We couldn't be more grateful to the companies who have stepped up to drive this very important effort with us.”


Current member organizations

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Saol Therapeutics  - cure mito corporate advisory council
Astellas  - cure mito corporate advisory council

For any questions and inquiries about how to join please contact us at

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