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Clinical Trials Unit

Clinical Trials unit presents information and a clear-eyed picture of the process through the lens of families, researchers and professionals. The more parents understand, the better equipped and empowered they will be to consider participation.


Clinical trials - Guide to informed consent - printable guide

Clinical trials - Questions to consider - printable guide

Clinical trials - Understanding clinical trials terms - printable guide




Clinical trials research the way a drug or treatment will interact with the human body and whether it is safe and effective. Learn more below about the process of a clinical trial and how to access these potential treatments.

Source: American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy

FIND A CLINICAL TRIAL is a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.

Trials Today

Trials Today make it possible to search the thousands of studies available on By answering a few short questions, you find a list of studies that may interest you.