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C-Path to Lead New Task Force Aimed at Accelerating Drug Development for Mitochondrial and Inherited Metabolic Diseases

TUCSON, Ariz., January 11, 2024 — Critical Path Institute (C-Path) today announced the launch of a task force focused on accelerating drug development for mitochondrial and inherited metabolic diseases. The task force will lay the groundwork for specific solutions, offering valuable insights that aim to contribute to regulatory decision-making.

C-Path’s demonstrated expertise will be leveraged to ensure success, specifically its track record in generating tangible solutions that have accelerated drug development in rare and pediatric indications, utilizing the power of C-Path’s Rare Disease Cures Accelerator-Data and Analytics Platform (RDCA-DAP®) to integrate multiple patient-level data sources. This collaborative task force will provide a neutral environment for industry, regulatory agencies, academia, and the patient community to collaborate and actively contribute to advancing solutions aimed at facilitating therapeutic developments for these communities.

“Uniting stakeholders through a neutral convener such as C-Path will enable our community to collaborate better, share data, and accelerate the development of much-needed treatments,” explained Sophia Zilber, Cure MITO Foundation board member. “We are grateful to C-Path for their partnership, and collaboration in assembling this initiative, and look forward to the next steps and achievements as this task force takes shape.”

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