Superheroes Like Me 

Thomas Constantine Zachos wants to show the world that he can achieve anything. Living with Mitochondrial Disease doesn't hold him back-instead, it inspires him to use his perspective to encourage others. As well as writing books, Thomas also fundraises for medical research with the University of Toronto.


Extraordinary! A Book for Children with Rare Diseases

What makes a child with a rare disease extraordinary? Explore the answer to this question while sharing an illustrated conversation with Evren Ayik about what he has learned while growing up with his own rare disease. Written collaboratively by mother and son, Extraordinary! A Book for Children with Rare Diseases opens up a child-friendly discussion about identity, inclusion, and self-concept in light of the challenges and silver linings of living with a rare disease. 


Extraordinario! Una historia para niños con enfermedades raras

Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese versions of the book are available. For details follow the link above.


Charlie's Teacher

Charlie’s Teacher is the story of a little girl whose baby brother, Charlie, has special needs. Charlie’s Teacher explores the little girl’s feelings about the special attention that Charlie receives when a special education teacher visits her home. Charlie’s Teacher is based on a true story of the author’s daughter, Ryan, and son, Charlie, who has a severe form of epilepsy and is developmentally delayed. The author was inspired to write the book when she could not find a book on this topic that adequately addressed her daughter’s needs.

Por que as pessoas parecem diferentes?

"O mundo é um lugar mais divertido com mais de um tipo de rosto!" Não há duas pessoas exatamente iguais graças a uma coisinha chamada DNA. Reggie Watts estrela como uma enfermeira que explica tudo.