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Your support is crucial in raising awareness and funds for gene therapy pre-clinical research, preparation for a Toxicology Study, or whatever exciting initiatives may be next. 

The sooner we reach our goals, the faster we get to a potential Clinical Trial.

See our Fundraising Progress below.

Thank you for your SUPPORT

Total Updated May 2, 2024

 Die Gentherapie ist ein revolutionärer Ansatz zur Behandlung genetischer Krankheiten, bei dem eine einmalige Behandlung lebenslange Vorteile bringen kann. Anstatt nur die Symptome zu behandeln, behebt die Gentherapie die Krankheit an der Quelle, indem das defekte Gen durch eine gesunde Kopie ersetzt wird.

Eine gesunde Kopie des defekten Gens des Patienten wird in ein Virus geladen, dem seine eigene DNA entzogen wurde.

Billionen von Viren, die jeweils eine gesunde Kopie des Gens enthalten, sind es  in die Rückenmarksflüssigkeit des Patienten injiziert. 

Die Viren binden an Zellen im Rückenmark und Gehirn des Patienten und liefern gesunde Gene an den Zellkern.

wie es funktioniert

ECHS1 Funding Progress

the gene therapy project

Several years ago, a group of ECHS1 families forged a partnership with researchers in the Bailey Lab at UT Southwestern Medical Ceneter, located in Dallas, TX, USA.


The Bailey Lab is working on the use of an adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector for therapeutic gene delivery.

the bailey lab team

Dr. Rachel Bailey is an Assistant Professor in Pediatric Neurology with a secondary appointment in the Center for Alzheimer's and Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Meghan Eller is a Neuroscience Graduate Student and

Madison Bunce is a Green Fellow.

the teaM AT WORK

wie es funktioniert

ECHS1 Funding Progress
ECHS1 Fundraising

unsere Partner

It truly takes a village.


Families from around the world are partnering with Cure Mito Foundation to raise funds that get us closer to a treatment or cure for our children.


If you are interested in supporting a fund which honors a child or family member affected by ECHS1 Deficiency, please click the "DONATE" button associated with one of the campaigns below.

Please email if you would like information about starting a fund in honor or memory of your loved one.

Thank you for supporting our children!


Team Lila - ECHS1

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Team Richie - Fighting for a Cure for ECHS1

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Team Nora - ECHS1

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